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Hello, beauties!

Welcome to the world of Fantasy Luxe! We’re a unique costume shop that provides a platform for costume designers to sell their creations without limits and a place where adventurous women can go to shop and find items they never imagined existed!

My journey to get to this place has been long and filled with sweat, blood, tears, and lots of rejection. But now, having over 15 years in the festival and performance industry, I decided it was time to take all of the talent I have discovered and give those talented people a way to express themselves, which in turn gives you, the adventurous soul, a place to find your expression.

Not only will you find unique festival fashion and costumes, but I also promise quality construction and customer satisfaction. Since the start of my first internet costume shop in 2004, I have spent tons of time ensuring that quality and comfort make up the items I sell, and I will never compromise that vision.

I also have experience working with Ultra Music Festival, which has given me an opportunity to not only build a brand around amazing women, but also connect fashion with music worldwide. This powerful combination has grown a community of women who desire to be different and express themselves in ways that empower them.

I can only hope that you find the community here a safe place to grow into the women you always knew you were and have the desire to be. I encourage all of you to walk on the wild side of life and fill your days with desire, fun, and adventure!


Katie Kansas

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No talent, dream, look or idea is too abstract for the world of Katie Kansas. Learn more and step inside a creative dream world where the women are beautiful and the fashion is future.


Let down your guard, release the idea of who you think you should be and STEP INTO THE REALITY OF WHO YOU ARE!


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